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Will His Orangeness Spare Ed McMahon?

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Time to add another notch to Angelo Mozilo's body count belt. Nothing official yet, but considering his track record with epidermis, Bear Stearns, bees and a chihuahua, this one's pretty much in the bag. Today's kill is Ed McMahon, who's might lose his Beverly Hills home to a foreclosure action initiated by Countrywide, because EMcM's been unable to make payments due to a year and a half of all bed rest/no work resulting from breaking his neck. The silver lining is that we're told this may actually be Mozilo's breaking point, in terms of giving a shit. Up until now, he hasn't cared much either way about the lives he's ruined. But as someone who watched "Star Search" religiously, the plight of Ed McMahon will be hard for him to ignore.

Yeah. Let that sink in.
Ed McMahon May Lose Beverly Hills Home [WSJ]