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And Shut Down Goldman Too, Just For Good Measure

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UBS has promised to stop helping its US customers get out of paying taxes but Senator Carl Levin (no relation) says that's not good enough--he wants their Nazi-sympathizing asses shut down. Clearly it's never going to happen though of course it would be more than a little hilarious if it did. Crazy Carl told ABC news today that he thinks Federal regulators should revoke UBS's banking license because " bank that goes to the extent that UBS has gone through to avoid doing what their agreements with the United States require them to do, should be allowed to continue to do business unless they clean up their act."
Though Levin said he was deeply disturbed by a list of "secrecy tricks" UBS bankers used to carry out their scams, including fake charitable trusts, disguised business trips, foreign credit cards and code names for clients (including Adolf's Stache and The Senator From Michigan), he did give credit where credit was due, noting that he was very impressed by banker Bradley Brikenfeld's out of the box thinking when it came to smuggling diamonds into the US for a client, by hiding them in an empty tooth paste container.
Sen. Levin: Shut Down Giant Swiss Bank UBS [ABC News]


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