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Anheuser Surrenders for The Price of A Pint

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InBev upped its offer to buy Anheuser-Busch to $70 a share over the weekend, enticing Anheuser to come to the table for a friendly deal. The Journal reports that the new offer, representing a $5 increase on the original, will be accepted. The brewers' negotiatiors have already settled on calling the new company Anheuser-Busch InBev but other issues remain unresolved, most importantly custody of Shamu.
August IV, Anheuser's CEO, scored himself a place in the new regime despite his earlier strident opposition. The Kaiser will take up one of the two new board seats set aside for Anheuser's old guard. Overall the family that demonstrated the value of dual-class stock structure will have little voice in the Belgian war machine.
Debuschification efforts by a fat-trimming Brito are unlikely despite previous fears, as Dom Carlos is working to retain key executives and, according to beer analysts, intends to leave Anheuser's formidable marketing efforts in place. The new company will unsurprisingly follow up on Anheuser's recent acceleration of cost cuts.
FT Alphaville says that out of the picture is now Adolphus Busch, the uncle who said the bid was fairly-valued and received a board nomination in lieu of a hat tip from Carlos Brito. They recommend he spend more time with his conservation groups, which sounds like a better fate that being drowned in a cask of Malmsey wine. We'll see how he gets along with his brother, loyalist uncle Andrew Busch.
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