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Baby Donald Trump Launching An Indian Real Estate Fund

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The son of Donald Trump is also called Donald Trump, and now he is following his father's footsteps by attaching his name to a financial company that will speculate on real estate. Two years ago, Donald Trump launched a mortgage company that would focus on luxury properties. It failed dramatically when the housing market crashed. Now Bloomberg is reporting that Junior Trump is planning on launching a "hedge fund" that will invest in property in India.
Trump mortgage turned out to be a company that was run by a shifty chief executive and had very little to do with anyone called Trump. The Donald Senior had licensed his name out to the company but had little role in management--a fact that no-one knew until it failed.
So will The Little Donald be running a hedge or just attaching his name to it? It's not clear right now. What is clear is that he intends for the fund to invest money in the same way that Trump Mortgage did--specializing in high end properties. Others who are looking to invest in real estate in India? Oh, right. Those real estate savvy folks over at Lehman Brothers.

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