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Bankers Beware: The Women At Ulysses Are On To Your Tricks

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As it turns out, married men are still allowed to drink in the Wall Street watering hole called Ulysses. One young woman apparently once met a JP Morgan banker there who turned out to be married and yet was less than forthcoming about his marital status.
Don't you people know that you can't get away with this anymore? The internet won't allow it. What follows is the tale of a determined young woman who gathers evidence of her would-be suitor's marital status from websites and, eventually, through calls to his home. The trap is sprung over a dinner with a friend watching nearby. What happens next is somewhat of a let-down however.
After the jump we give you the not all that exciting conclusion to this sordid (if all too common) tale.

"Sven and Rachel sat down for dinner and Rachel laid it all out. Sven, admitted to it all," a blogger who goes by the name of PaulineyM writes. "Moral of the story: Maybe Ulysses isn't the best choice for after work drinks. And ladies, if your man says he's going there, maybe you should be suspicious."
Clearly married men should not be allowed to drink in bars!
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