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Belgians Want To Make Bud Executives Fly Coach

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So what are the nefarious plans of those Belgian brewers for Anheuser-Busch? According to Reuters InBev, which is attempting to buy the St. Louis based Budweiser brewer, uses a "zero based budgeting" which forces departments to justify all their expenses, rather than just changes from prior year's budgets.
Sounds sensible, right? Well that's because you don't understand the human costs. According to Reuters, the people who make that Bud for you will be forced to take economy flights, print documents on both sides of the paper and many of them may, gasp, even have to pay for their own mobile phones. Even top executives get treated in this shabby manner.
Quick, someone call Barack Obama. He'll put a stop to this! If executives don't get their outlandish perks, the terrorists win!
InBev cost-cutting measures set for U.S. export [Reuters]


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Earlier this month, it was reported that Barclays' investment bank chief Rich Ricci was working on a little something called Project Mango,* which is similar to Bank of America's Project New BAC in that one aspect of it involves firing a bunch of people, as part of a plan to revamp the unit. According to the Journal, management is now putting the finishing touches on Project M and all that is left to decide is whether cutting 2,000 IBD jobs is enough or if they should think bigger.