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Buffett Lunch Goes For Over 2 Million, Non-Sequitur Sex Analogies On The House

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Warren Buffett's sixth annual charity lunch saw its largest ever winning bid when Zhao Danyang of the Hong Kong-based Pureheart China Growth Investment Fund proffered $2,110,100 to break bread with the Oracle of Omaha. Last year, the proceeds of the auction, all of which go to the Glide Foundation, fetched $650,100. For those of you completely justifiably envious of Danyang's 3-hour sit down with Buffett, consider us your official peephole on the meal, where the conversation is likely to go something like this:

Danyang: So, what are you thinking about having?
Buffett: I don't know, I always feel so overwhelmed by big menus.
Danyang: I've heard the burger's good
Buffett: Yeah. You know what a burger's like? A burger's like me, on a Russ Meyer set, screwing all the extras whose breasts make Liz Claman's look like child's play which is better than doing it in a whorehouse cause you don't have to pay.
Danyang: ...
Buffett: Makes sense if you think about it.
In related news, Buffett visited a Dairy Queen in Omaha yesterday to sample the new Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard and "chatted with six area Girl Scouts." I'm not going to touch that one.
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Buffett is amazed his lunch drew a $2.1M bid [AP]


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