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Defending The Rumor Mongers

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In case you missed yesterday's rumble in the deal jungle, New York Magazine's Daily Intel has a nice recap of the Information War between DealBreaker and DealBook. "It's like watching one of those movies where the jock taunts the nerd for the last time, causing the nerd to go ape shit and punch him in the face," Daily Intel writes about Andrew Ross Sorkin's item calling us "nuts." That isn't quite how we'd put the debate between our independent website and one owned by the New York Times. But we guess we like the implication we're the cool kids.
Update: Not really an update as much as an additional thought. What kind of freaky internet genius is Sorkin to have called us "nuts" just as the Jesse Jackson, Fox News, Barack Obama story broke?
DealBook's Andrew Ross Sorkin vs. DealBreaker's John Carney [New York Magazines]