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Dennis Kneale To Jail?

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Many of you were outraged at the comment made by Bearpont Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to Charlie Rose that the SEC should investigate the "smoke" surrounding the fall of Bear Stearns, because the mixture of gases and suspended carbon particles supposedly suggests that not only was Jimmy Cayne getting high at the office, but that there may have been a "deliberate and malicious destruction of value" caused by the creation and spreading of a rumor about BSC being in trouble. And, if there's conclusive evidence of guilt, that those parties should go to prison, and not pansy-ass white collar resort prison for a two month stay but federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison for a very long time. We're pretty sure Dimon was referring to the so-called evil shorts who a lot of people would like to believe were behind Bear's demise and not CNBC, but nonetheless would be remiss not to bring this call to put network contributor Dennis Kneale behind bars to your attention. Oh, and here's a vintage clip of the perp fighting with Charlie Gasparino over whether or not he uses hookers. Just 'cause we love you.

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