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Dick Bove's Going To Make You Rich

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Ladenburg analyst Dick Bove released a report this weekend called "Who Is Next" (as in who is the next bank to FAIL) and it is definitely not a crib sheet for your next short ideas, he wink-winks. But...if it was...some names you should maybe think about shorting the everloving shit out of are:

Downey Financial Corp. (DSL), Corus Bankshares (CORS), Doral Financial Corporation (DRL), IndyMac (IMB), First Fed Financial (FED), Oriental Financial Group (OFG) and Bank United (BKUNA). And here are a bunch of banks supposedly "doing okay" that you could still probably make some money shorting, provided you're willing to put in a little elbow grease and can convince CNBC to start a panic: National City (NCC), Fifth Third (FITB), and Sun Trust (STI). And for the show-offs in the group-- Northern Trust (NTRS) and State Street (STT). They're seemingly sound as a pound but nothing whisper campaigns about "overly friendly" interactions between their CEOs and barn yard animals couldn't take down.
Bove Commentary [PDF]


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