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Dick Fuld's Coping Mechanism

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Lehman Brothers fell 5.2 percent to $16.40 before the official open this morning, and 24 percent this week. Obviously, that's got to hurt, almost as much as the comparisons to Bear Stearns. But while Big Daddy Cayne's preferred method of blowing off steam would've been to blow off smoke (often times setting off the sprinkler system to the extent that employees began keeping extra sets of clothes at the office), I think we all know Dick Fuld's mode of chillaxing these past few days has been less of an herbal remedy than an electronic one.

When Richard Fuld, chief executive of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., couldn't control his addiction, he took drastic measures. In October, he had the game BrickBreaker taken off his BlackBerry. "I was playing so much," says Mr. Fuld, who had used it to relax on the plane or in the car. He missed it so much, though he had it reinstalled.

Which of course begs the question, in what order did it happen-- hours of thumb-fracturing BrickBreaker as a means of coping with an LEH pounding, OR a spate of responsibility-shirking 9-5's spent in the handicapped bathroom in an attempt to break 30,000 which led to said assault?


Dick Fuld Needs Your Help

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