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FoxBusiness To Close In On CNBC

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In a mere 69 years. As the logical bubble bursting follow-up to the Washington Post's report that FBN averaged 8,000 viewers during daytime programming and 20,000 viewers in primetime for July, up from 6,000 and 15,000 at the start of the year, Portfolio's Jeff Bercovici crunched some numbers and found that victory over CNBC is just around the corner. Assuming there is no growth from Englewood Cliffs--which is not likely, given the networks plans to introduce three hours of mid-day programming that will bring a sweaty, screaming, bench pressing Charlie Gasparino onto your trading floors--Fox will overtake CNBC and its 284,000-person daytime audience in 3,588 weeks (and with regard to primetime, a measly 884 weeks though I'm not sure who gives a rat's a about that).
Which reminds me--not a single one of you has sent us a commercial to air on FBN for the bargain price of $250-$900 for a 30-second spot. DO IT NOW, before it's too late, and the cost of achieving Foxtastic glory rises above what Cody managed at his hedge fund.
Fox Business Just Seven Decades From Victory [Portfolio]


Charlie Gasparino Dangerously Close To Having Invite To CNBC Alumni Picnic Rescinded

Unless the network likes being described as "that shit hole" to which he said good riddance, in which case, catch him in line for burgers and 'slaw.

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