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From War For Independence To British Marketing Ploy In Just 232 Years

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Even if you are at work, you're probably already checked out mentally. That's our explanation for yesterday's market action. Despite bad and mediocre news, stock market indexes went up because no one was paying attention. Futures were higher this morning because, let's face it, it takes work to make stocks go down.
What's causing all this laziness? It's our Independence Day, of course. We celebrate the day when our founding fathers dedicated themselves to the proposition that one people could dissolve the bonds that tied them to another because the just powers of government rely on the consent of the governed by having cookouts, not working and exploding ordinance in colorful arrays. And this year, because Independence Day is taking place on a Friday, many of us have decided to take the entire week off. Independence Week. Ah freedom.
But now the very country that we seceded from is offering another way to celebrate our independence.British Airways has launched a special $1776 business class fare from
"the colonies" to London, giving travelers the chance to visit and delight in London's history and culture y. Finally, the long-suppressed loyalist faction have a way to celebrate Independece Day!
But before you get all excited about this fare, the British are having their own laugh about this by including lots of hidden fees and taxes. It's the Boston Tea Party in reverse. Taxation without representation. One short flight for business travelers, one giant leap to reverse independence.