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Happy Time for Hedgies

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In an attempt to stop throwing phones and temper tantrums over the lousy markets, a growing number of financiers are taking up yoga to "take a step back...and stay focused," the Wall Street Journal writes in its A-Hed today.
The math whizzes at D.E. Shaw offer hour-long classes at the New York office, with about 80 of the 750 employees signed up. Allianz SE's Pacific Investment Management, Blue Ridge Capital, Karsch Capital, and Pimco also get down with the dog.
Notable yogis include billionaires Paul Tudor Jones and William H. Gross, who specialize in Ashtanga, "an active form of yoga that involves flowing through a set series of poses." Gross practices five days a week and says his best ideas come when he is standing on his head. I have to ask this question, though: Doesn't anyone else find it kind of hard to concentrate when the blood is rushing to your head?
While most of these dudes seem to fully embrace yoga, Michael Karsch admits he doesn't do all the poses, for fear of his balls dropping off: "I still feel like doing handstands during work is a little inappropriate." Additionally, cult-like chanting of "om" and "aum," common at the beginning of general yoga classes, is not favored by the financial professionals that yoga master Michael Ward and his wife offer classes to.
The alternative chant: Relax, go do it, when you want to go do it (Forward to 1:20).
--Senior Yogi Travis


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