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Has Apple Sold So Many iPhones It Crashed Its System?

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This may be too cynical for a summer Friday but bear with us. When we read the news about many purchasers having trouble activating the iPhone, we couldn't help but wonder if Apple isn't trying to send out a message that it is selling even more iPhone than expected. Although officially AT&T is describing this as a "worldwide issue with i-Tunes" it is being read as an indication that iPhone activiations are through the roof.

A pretty typical comment comes from the Fortune Favors The Bold blog. "Seems that Apple can't handle all the people who are both activating 3G phones and trying to upgrade their original iPhones (there was a software update released yesterday), so their servers are pulling a Twitter and causing issues for everyone," FFTB writes. Twitter is a website that allows users to send short messages to collections of friends. It's users frequently send messages complaining about the unreliability of the service.



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