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How To Tip Off DealBreaker: A User's Guide

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We're going to admit that today you people hurt us. You let us down. We were counting on you, and you weren't there. We're willing to forgive you but you're going to have to make up for it.
We're talking about the Lehman Brothers bonus story, of course. We knew something was going on at Lehman Brothers but not one of you told us exactly what. And so we got scooped on our own beat, the bonus story, by those fuddy-duddies at the Wall Street Journal. Hang your heads in shame, people.
You see, one of the great secrets of our success here at DealBreaker is our readers. We have the brightest, wittiest and best informed commenters on the web who help keep our recent comments page always fresh. And our tipsters--often people we have never met who reach out to us through email and phone calls--have helped us break stories and get the insider angle on stories where everyone else is simply re-writing the press release.
But when this system only works if we all work together. Today it broke. Maybe you've forgotten how to get in touch with us. Of course you know that you can email us at or calls us at 212-334-1871 with your office gossip, bonus rumors, misbehaving banker snap shots, true-life stories of work gone bad, deal news, trading desk follies, market movements, promotions and firings, and whatever else happens to be on your mind.
But you may not know that there are two more ways to send us tips. You can now contact us via instant messaging. Our AIM screenname is TheDealBreakers. But sometimes you need that extra-measure of security--or rather, to avoid those extra measures of security from the folks who might be monitoring your computer usage. So we also have a DealBreaker tips text message account. Send your text tips to 973-495-0177.
As always, you can rest assured that we will keep your identity confidential. Let's be sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again. Thanks!