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In Which Case It Wouldn't Be Called Cheating So Much As Trawling For Your Next Gold Digger

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No need for the tip we shared with you earlier. According to the cynical assholes (that's a compliment) at DealBook, your wife's going to leave you for reasons more important than cheating--your impending poverty. A survey of 100 analysts, stockbrokers and hedge fund managers in London showed that 80 percent of respondents believe that lower bonus payments will cause the gilded ball and chain to seek a divorce "before their husbands' wealth evaporates further," or things get really bad, and they take up employment at Citi.
At this time, if anyone could find us a clip of the scene in Liar, Liar when Jim Carrey does his little victory dance and sings preeee-nup-tiallll agreeee-ment, which has been in my head for the last 20, that'd be top notch. Say what you want about it, that movie is funny. In the meantime, let's all enjoy this one, on me:
The Other Cost of the Financial Crisis [DealBook]

This one, too, which I encourage you to incorporate at the office: