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Indymac Customers Line Up For Withdrawals

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Is that an Apple Store or a bank? Despite reassurances from government officials, Indymac Bank customters are lining up by the hundred to pull out as much money as they can. The Associated Press brings us the story of a certain Charles Tengeri, identified as a retired school teacher. Tengeri was the first customer to get his cash out of the Pasadena headquarters of the Indymac.
"He held a check for $171,000 -- an amount that he said represented most of his savings," the Associated Press reports. Uhm, guy? Mr. Tengeri? You might not want to take checks from failing banks. Get cash. Better yet, Euros.
Update: Reuters has a huge slide show of the chaos at Indymac today.
Customers wait at IndyMac to withdraw money [Associated Press]