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John McCain's Embarrassing Pandering In Colorado

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We've long since given up the assumption that some politicians are better than others. But every now and then a politician's statements make us reconsider: perhaps this fellow is actually a little worse than the others.
Yesterday John McCain went to Colorado in order to say awkward things in an awkward manner. After begrudgingly saying maybe he'd cut taxes if he could somehow figure out how to do that, McCain turns to praise a local example of American ingenuity and drive.
And what is this fantastic example of American industry? Crocs, a company that has lost over 90% of its market value since its highs last fall. All we can say is that McCain must really enjoy his reputation for not understanding economics. Why else would he go so far out of his way to remind us of it?
After the jump, video of McCain's praise of the ugly footwear company.