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Lehman Going Private Rumors Circulate

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Could Lehman Brothers go private? There's been lots of speculation that Lehman Brothers could be a takeover target, although its been hard to find plausible buyers in teh wasteland of Wall Street. (So hard, in fact, some have wondered if Lehman might be taken under--acquired for less than it's current share price.) Yesterday, Fox-Pitt bank analyst David Trone, suggested Lehman go private at a 25 percent premium. Today the New York Post is reporting that this is seriously being considered.
"Lehman Brothers' CEO Dick Fuld is seriously mulling a way to take itself private and out of the public eye," The Post reports.
On a related note: this anonymously sourced story should be bullish for Lehman's stock price, to the extent that it is believed by investors. Will the SEC investigate this rumor?

Lehman Looks Hard At Taking Firm Private
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