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Lehman Grants Mid-Year "Bonus"But Here's The Catch: It's In Lehman Stock

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After last week's unanswered question about how--and whether--Lehman Brothers would be able to pay its employees as compensation costs for the early months of the year outpaced revenues, Lehman is awarding its employees with mid-year stock bonuses, according to the Wall Street Journal. Employees will get the equivalent of 20% of the stock award they received in 2000. They're calling it a "downpayment" and a reward for employees who have stuck it out at the firm.
Those employed at the Fraternal Order of Lehman had better learn to love stock bonuses because a much bigger proportion of this years bonus will be in stock, Bloomberg reports. The ratio of stock awards will rise to a maximum of 65 percent of total compensation from 50 percent, according to some "person with knowledge of the matter."

Lehman employees to get mid-year bonuses
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