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Meredith Whitney Ingratiates Herself To Wachovia Chief

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Dollar Dominatrix Meredith Whitney has probably not made a lot of friends with her sack-rippingly bad reports. Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain, always up for a heel in his ass, is not much of a fan of the Oppenheimer analyst, and Citi CEO Vikram Pandit, who likes everyone, refers her to as "that devil woman" in mixed company. One pal she's probably made via downgrade is new Wachovia CEO Robert Steel. Apparently Steel's options were priced yesterday, the same day Whitney downgraded the stock to underperform. And now the timing of this morning's marshmallow company morale building exercise--and the subsequent sixteen percent jump in stock price-- makes perfect sense.


Meredith Whitney Is Returning To Her Roots

Running a hedge fund is out, making Citigroup wish it had never been born is (back) in.