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Meredith Whitney's Husband Stages Dramatic Intepretation Of Her Assault On Citi

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Remember way back in the day, when Meredith Whitney made a name for herself-- Dollar Dominatrix-- by downgrading the big C, and she got a few "fuck you, bitch" emails from investors and her husband, pro-wrestler-cum-liquid Viagra distributor John Layfield canceled a planned trip to Texas so that he could walk her to and from the office in case some Friends 'o Citi tried anything funny? That was very nice of him, etc, but if this clip of JBL getting the stuffing kicked out him the other day by wrestler-cum-rapper John Cena is any indication, his protective services wouldn't have done shit. Next, we'll bring you the match everyone really wants to see: Whitney v. Pandit, winner takes all (ten shares of Citi).


Meredith Whitney Is Returning To Her Roots

Running a hedge fund is out, making Citigroup wish it had never been born is (back) in.