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Nab A Spot In 740 Park For Just $38 Million

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If you've been waiting for the chance to move into the secret headquarters of the Masters of the Universe, now is your chance. An apartment in the 17-story Art Deco building at 740 Park Avenue is on the market.
Simply known as "740" (or, as we call it, Castle Greyskull), the building is home to Steve Schwarzman, John Thain, Ron Lauder, David Koch and a host of other, lesser known financiers. John D. Rockefeller Jr. lived there from 1938 until his death. Ron Perelman lived there with his first wife (and left the building when he left his wife.) liadsflv. Henry Kravis lived there with his second wife, Carolyne Roehm. Charles P. Stevenson Jr, the blue blood hedge fund manager, lives there with his fourth wife and is chairman of the co-op board. Barbara Streisand wanted to live there but the building doesn't like actresses or singers. The apartment that has hit the market is owned by Chinese born investment banker Peter Huang and his wife.
It will only cost you $38 million, some money to redecorate (warning: pics of frumpy furniture) and a strategy to get past the board. Here's our suggestion: Stevenson learned about investing by studying market behavior just before and just after the stock market crash of 1929, so bone up on your history and be prepared to compare and contrast that financial catastrophe to the present debacle. According to 740 expert Michael Gross, the apartment's floor plan should look like this.
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