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SemGroup: It Gets So Much Worse

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You might've thought you didn't give a rat's ass about the collapse of energy trader SemGroup but that changes now. According to Reuters, three "massage clinics," eight funeral homes, two Hooters establishments and a pawnshop that "specializes in gold jewelry" are among the companies owed tens of millions of dollars by the (voluntarily) bankrupt company.
Pawnbroker among creditors in oil trader collapse [Reuters]


If You Love China So Much Why Don't You Marry It? a thing people, knowing his position on the country, have probably asked Jim Rogers before.  And don't think he hasn't thought of it! Unfortunately, the investor is spoken for. Having said that, Rogers is thrilled at the prospect of his daughters', ages 4 and 9 years-old, marrying one of China's native sons and is currently accepting applications from potential suitors. The US has become world's biggest debtor nation in history, while China, Japan and South Korea are the major creditor nations. If the renminbi can be exchanged freely in the world, "I prepare to invest in China for 100 years," Rodgers added. The smart investor keeps all Chinese shares for his young daughters: nine-year-old Happy Rogers and four-year-old Little Bee, and welcomes Chinese men as his potential sons-in-law. "He must be very intelligent, older than my daughter, and have had a wide variety of experiences in life, and a great career will be a plus," he said at the forum. A Chinese student among the audience said he would try his best to meet the demands; the investor immediately gave his business card to the young man, which triggered laughter at the scene. Investor Jim Rogers to wed his money and daughters to China [WCT]