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Soup lines, free loaves of bread, 5lb blocks of cheese, bags of groceries

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We're often derided as heartless capitalists here at DealBreaker, which is a strange way of describing our skepticism of bailouts for investment banks, mortgage lenders and billionaires. If there's any fairness in this description, it probably arises from our noted doubts about mega- charities such as the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the misbegotten idea that corporations only do good deeds when they engage in unprofitable charitable activity rather than wealth and job creation.
We're not, however, against helping out with a good cause. And to prove it, tonight we'll be stopping by a fund raiser for The Nourishing Soup Kitchen. It's being held at Merchants East, on First Avenue and 62nd Street. Things kick off at 7:00. Ten dollars buys you a warm fuzzy feeling and admission to the bar. (Note: there is no truth to the idea that we're attending simply so we can bask in talk about soup lines, bank runs, mass layoffs and other things Wall Street has revived from the Great Depression.)
We just get by however we can.