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Spinning Class Fracas Keeps On Keeping On

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Part 937,529 of the greatest story ever told: In June, broker Christopher Carter was acquitted of assault charges for manhandling his fellow spinning class rider, hedge fund manager Stuart Sugarman, who, to Carter's annoyance, had been shouting affirmations at himself throughout class, like "Yeah!" and "You go girl!". Though Carter admitted to throwing Sugarman, still seated on his bike, into a wall, the jury decided that they could not say beyond a reasonable doubt that the thrower was the cause of the back and neck pains that hospitalized the throwee for two weeks. Now Carter is asking Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau to prosecute the audible worker outer for supposedly perjuring himself on the witness, an allegation seemingly supported by the fact that one juror called Big S "a huge liar." Sugarman's lawyer Samuel Davis claims Carter's "perjury pitch" is a "publicity stunt" timed to coincide with Sugarman filing civil suit against him, and what we pray to god will be a reality show on VH1 starring the pair.
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