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Still Calling For Submissions

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Well, gang, I have to hand it to you. Despite some extremely disappointing early attempts to match the gastrointestinal fortitude of local hero Oyster Boy, you really redeemed yourselves. Not by the successful completion of some equivalent feat, of course, but by coming up with a bunch of decidedly not lame suggestions for OB's next eating-related challenge. So-- great job! Now, down to business. We've been in touch with OB and, so far, his three favorite missions are:

1. Burger Bar Crawl:
Nicole's @ 60th
Quality Meats @58th
POP Burger @ 58th
Burger Joint @ Parker Meridien 57th
Brooklyn Diner @ 57th
Burger Heaven @53rd
Prime Burger @51st
If he makes it in two hours, we'll send him to In-N-Out in Vegas.
2. Contents of McCarren Pool tool shed in 1 hour.
3. Head to head challenge with Charlie Gasparino: 4 pounds of mortadella.
All excellent ideas, but surely you've got the time on your hands to do better, which is why we're leaving the suggestion box open 'til the of the day. Should number one be extended to begin at the 103rd Street White Castle and end at Wall Street Burger Shoppe? Think number three's rules should be tweaked to state that the winner will be determined by, after completing the salty meat, the competitors must alternate benchpressing each other until one of them (the loser) pukes? Let us know.
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