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The Mystery of The Missing Mammaries

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Stop what you're doing and give me your full attention because we've got a scandal bigger than Merrill on our hands. Here is the shit, feel free, nay encouraged, nay obligated to disseminate because that's how super serious it is:

Business/beer/babe blog holds a poll each quarter to determine the hottest "Biz Babe." Last Tuesday, CNBC defector-cum-FBN anchor Liz Claman was announced the winner for Q3, with stiff competition from Alexis Glick, Trish Regan, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Rebecca Gomez, Erin Burnett, Jenna Lee and runner up Tracy Byrnes. On Wednesday, DrunkTrader tasked Intern Isis with splicing together some choice Claman clips and money shots with which to honor her great achievement.
After returning from a little R 'n R in Del Mar, DT discovered that not only had the assignment not been completed, but Isis had absconded with the raw material and the computer she had been loaned to complete the job. As of today, she is nowhere to be found. Obviously Shitfaced Trader would like to know where he can find the thousands of dollars in stolen electronics, but way importantly is the question of where in god's name are Liz Claman and the Clamanettes, and who is behind it all? Clearly the intern is not working alone. So far all we can come up with is Buffett, which is definitely a pretty good guess. If you have any ideas or information about their whereabouts, please, we implore you, come forward at this time.
DrunkTrader Intern AWOL With Liz Claman Media [Drunk Trader]


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