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The Silver Lining In The Implosion Of Bear Stearns

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When the history books (by which we mean Charlie Gasparino's, When Mooks Fail) look back at the fall of Bear Stearns, there will be a lot to lambast BSC management over. A lot. A whole lot. There will be one thing we can thank them and Jimmy Cayne's thrice daily caramel macchiato habit for, however, and that is three less purveyors of vanilla bullshit latte cappa things. Last Friday, Starbucks officially issued a list of the 600 stores it will be closing over the next several months. Half of six Manhattan locations scheduled to be shuttered are located within two blocks of the dearly departed Bear Stearns 383 Madison Avenue headquarters. Will the oft patronized head shops, Frito distributors and providers of the Magic Eye posters in the area be affected as well? We'll just have to wait and see.
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