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This Changes Everything

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Longtime readers of this site know that we are huge fans of Destroyer of all worlds/marine life/investor capital Brian Hunter. So it was very painful to find out that not only do the feelings not go both ways, but he actively tries to prevent his wife from reading our work on him-- work that we put more blood, sweat and tears into than Fish Boy obviously ever did on small things like risk management.

And then there's the press. It has been relentless, at times malicious, and sometimes flat wrong, according to Hunter. He points to a piece in Britain's Sunday Times saying that he had to hire bodyguards to protect him against attacks by former employees. "How could they write that when it isn't true?" he asks in disbelief. A story quoted Kim saying, "We are confident that Brian Hunter will be vindicated." Then the site added its own editorial comment: "Or he will hang himself in his cell." No wonder Hunter's wife gets upset. "I have to keep her off Google," says Hunter.

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