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Uh, What?

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Burrough says his intention wasn't to place the blame on CNBC. "The idea that CNBC did in Bear Stearns is ridiculous."

Seriously, is he crazy or am I? Of course most rational people would agree that no, CNBC did not kill Bear but the 16-page Shame-in of the network's coverage during those days in March-- titled: Bringing Down Bear Stearns--seemed to imply Burrough isn't one of them, and that placing the blame with CNBC, among others, was his exact intent.
Bizarre flip-flopping on who he thinks should be forced to register as a sex offender aside, this is much appreciated:

Burrough told The Post he's been taken aback by the strong reaction, including calls from CNBC employees. "Maybe I touched a nerve," he said. "I don't know."

Oh, you were surprised that a bunch of people in the only industry that rivals Wall Street, ego-wise, would take issue with you writing that they were backstabbing, vindictive, irresponsible children? Didn't see that one comin'? Thought they'd be cool with it? [BTW, my voice is getting increasingly high-pitched here] That they wouldn't take it personally? And that this is a very strange turn of events? And it is all just blowing your mind?
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