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What Will Merrill Sell?

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Each time a titanic Wall Street firm hits an iceberg it assures us that this is the last time, that it definitely won't sink, that losses are compartmentalized and it is only temporarily taking on water. Merrill Lynch, which tallied up $37 billion in losses, is expected to take even more losses soon. Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain has been traveling the globe to raise money, reportedly as much as $10 billion in new capital, and promising that it won't have to return to the market for a new round.
But now there are reports that Merrill might be looking for a way around this promise. Maybe it won't issue new shares to raise capital, but it could sell some of its prime assets to raise money. The New York Post reports that "everything is on the table," including the firm's stakes in Bloomberg and BlackRock. Merrill, of course, isn't commenting.

Merrill's Thain Facing Grave Consequences
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