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Why Is Merrill Getting Massacred?

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All the financials are down today but taking the lead is Merrill Lynch, closing in on a ten percent decline. We want to know why. There was some talk on Friday about a report by that said Temasek Holding had sold its stake in MER, but the Singapore state-owned investment company told Bloomberg the story was "mischievous speculation" by a "dubious source"--a characterization with which Mffais took issue--so that can't be it. Incidentally, though, we at DealBreaker take pride in being a dubious source that works hard to promulgate mischievous speculation so, if someone could let us know below what's behind the drop-- be it John Thain's plan to drive the stock to a level at which his former employer would buy the dump ($1.50), the fact that Cinderella's busy getting ready for tonight's ball, or SAC backing the Zamboni truck out of there-- that'd be top notch. Don't be scared about getting in trouble vis-a-vis spreading baseless rumors for your own gain; Carney's packing several (unlicensed) firearms and will protect us all.