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Yachting with Carl

Let us preface this post by declaring that the new website Cityfile is incredible. We've spent the last two days on this site reading all the profiles of the "notable and influential" New Yorkers.
Our boys at Cityfile* have just posted pictures and details of Carl Icahn's yacht , the 180-foot Starfire, which can be yours for a week for the low price of $196,000 (during "low season").
From the pictures, it looks like Carl can throw his share of Minnesota Vikings style parties all while blogging thanks to his high-speed WiFi. He's got a nice big screen TV, a chess board for the intellectual inclined, and of course, an on-board chef to round out the 12 person crew.
Anybody reading got the moolah to take a ride on his yacht?

* Full disclosure: We know these guys and think they are awesome.

--Senior Ichanist Travis