Bank of America Dyeing For Your Business


Keri Strug, the little elf who used to be a gymnast and once worked for the Treasury Department, was just on CNBC talking about how awesome Bank of America is. We had the volume turned down so we're not sure what she said. But we're told she forgot to mention the most explosive BofA story of the day.
No, there's not a run on the bank. We're not going to start talking about Level 3 assets on its balance sheet. What we're referring to is that Bank of America apparently handed one of its customers a truly exploding asset.

On Friday, [cab company owner Laila] Cheikh went into the Bank of America in the 14-thousand block of Warwick Boulevard. She was getting cash to pay her drivers, but when she put the money in her car something went wrong.
"It started going [hiss] everywhere and it started smelling."
Red dye sprayed everywhere.
"In the car and in my eyes and on my nose and I was coughing like crazy. My throat is still a little irritant," says Laila.

The customer had to go to the hospital to have the dye removed from her eyes.
Dye pack explodes on Bank of America customer [WAVY]

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