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Bonus Watch '09: Goldman Sachs

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Good news and bad news. The good news: it's time to start talkin' bonuses again. It's been a while, so this feels great. The bad news: a gaggle of Goldman Sachs employees in Equity and Equity Derivatives will not be purchasing those second homes they've had their eyes on this year. We're told GS is guiding comp down by about thirty percent, which probably means the great performers will be flat and the bottom third-- the least Sachy of the bunch-- will get hit by forty percent or so. While our default is to get irate about this sort of stuff, relative to the non-existent bonuses that'll likely be dolled out by the other banks, it's really not that big a deal.
Kind of a big D however, is that Goldman Sachs IS GOING UNDER, and we're only slightly exaggerating. According to the bearer of bad bonus news, "they are having a terrible year and the past month has seen business in many divisions-- Eq and ED especially-- grind to a halt. While that typically happens in August, I know for a fact that other dealers have not seen that dramatic of a drop off."


Bonus Watch '08: Goldman Sachs

Bonuses paid in '08 that were of the look-but-don't-touch variety were turned into real live ones that you can buy things with last year. Two billion dollars worth of live ones.

Bonus Watch '16: Goldman Sachs CEOs

If you're unhappy about your bonus this year, perhaps it'll make you feel less alone to know Lloyd Blankfein's dropped, too. (To $23 million.)