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Bored? Unemployed? We're Here To Help

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Lady mag Marie Claire suggests that those in need of procrastination outlets today head over to Wall Street tabloid We agree. In the event that you're already here, however, we've got a few more ideas for ways in which to slack off this afternoon.
1. Trot on over the lobby of Credit Suisse at 11 Madison Avenue, where they're giving away free ice cream (truth) and there's a bassist (truth) and pianist (truth) playing Stairway To Heaven (lie).
2. JO&C
3. (May or may not dovetail with no. 2) It's come to our attention that with few banks hiring and many hedge funds being deluged with resumes, the latter has taken to ramping up the selectivity and requiring heretofore unorthodox submission materials of job seekers. Specially, at the most prestigious, head and body shots. Since several of you have email us requesting guidance as to how to navigate these uncharted waters (suit and tie? smile or frown? matte or gloss?), we decided to do you a solid and get some answers. After polling the Top 100 hedge funds as ranked by Institutional Investor, we've compiled the most successful shots, statistically speaking, after the jump. Special note: nine times out of ten, the second to last pose is said to have sealed the deal for those applying for employment up in Stamford, CT.