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Caxton Assistant Pleads Guilty, Dodgers Manager Blogs

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Former Caxton-Iseman Capital assistant Fatima Monahan pleaded guilty yesterday to using C-IC founder Frederick Iseman's credit card on high-end clothing, shoes, food, household items and gift cards in 2006, and was ordered to pay $45,000 in restitution. Monahan filed a $24 million sexual harassment suit against Iseman and the firm last April, in a possible attempt to deflect attention from her own wrongdoings.
In the civil suit, Monahan claims Iseman "told her of intimate acts he had with several women, directed her to make inappropriate purchases, required her to organize his collection of explicit pictures, and to purchase and deliver to his apartment a book titled "The Mammoth Book of Erotic Fantasies." (Not to be confused with "The Erotic Book of Mammoth Fantasies," a favorite of Lloyd Blankfein and required reading of all new hires. And speaking of wooly mammoths, Joe Torre has a blog about his new life in L.A. The second entry, from August 17, is an observation on dogs. It closes with the line, "Okay, gotta run. I need to get Butch to the groomer's before his hair starts getting poufy," 'Butch' being a euphemism for the Torre unit).
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UBS Trader Pleads Guilty in Massive Bid Rigging Scandal

Mark Zaino, a former UBS trader who worked on the firm’s derivatives and municipal securities desk, pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges today in the wide-ranging investigation into sham auctions and bid rigging in financial products sold to municipalities.