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Citi To Return To Profitability One Fired Blogger At A Time

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As many of you know, Citigroup fired Take A Report editor Michael J. McCarthy this week, who turned out to also be a seven-year veteran of the firm, most recently trading shares of utility and power companies. McCarthy, known as "Large" to the TAR audience never identified himself or the Citi association on the site, though apparently did use his work computer to wax poetic on gang bangs, football, and lazy eyes in his free time.
While we say completely sincerely that it's a tragedy this talented writer had to be fired for a fairly innocuous offense-- C spokeswoman Danielle Romero Apsilos said MJM was "terminated for behavior that violated the firm's code of conduct and policies"--it seems like a no-brainer that if you work at a public company obsessed with asinine corporate protocol (and they all are), this is the sort of shit you should lay off of. And if you work for a public company that counts itself among (and very close to the top of) all the US financial institutions bleeding out of every orifice whilst simultaneously getting pounded in the ass by, for instance, Andrew Cuomo, and so desperate to fire people that they're asking you to turn in your colleagues for offenses like mispronouncing the last syllable in 'Ron Blarney' (it's Blar-nay), you should really lay off shit like this.
Citigroup Cashiers Mr. `Large' Before '08 Equities in Dallas [Bloomberg]