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Confidential To Mike From Lehman: Tara's Looking For You!

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As you know, things are pretty tense over at Lehman Brothers. If Dick Fuld and the shareholders can't get lucky, wouldn't it be nice if at least one of the mini Brohamsters could? Or, depending on how much Tara cares, multiple mini Broheims? It would. If we all drop everything we're doing, I'm sure we can solve this Missed Connection by noon, just in time for a lunchtime rendezvous:

Mike from Lehman, it's Tara - w4m (Midtown East)
Hey, I am really taking a stab in the dark here. Mike, you met my co-worker and I while we were chatting (we're both "Feds!"), having been drawn in the Verizon FiOS thing going on at 53rd and Lex. You were with your former co-worker, but I didn't know if she was a girlfriend. We all chatted for a while, and I really wanted to exchange contact information but didn't want to cross any boundaries. I don't know what your situation is, but would love to meet up with you again...


Everybody Give It Up For Lehman Brothers!

"We are proud to announce Lehman's exit from chapter 11 and entrance into the final stage of this process -- distributions to creditors. Our objective remains to provide the best results possible for creditors -- by continuing to strategically position assets to produce strong values, to pursue the resolution of disputed claims and other matters in litigation, and to manage expenses in line with the asset disposition process," said John Suckow, who is managing director with bankruptcy adviser Alvarez & Marsal and Lehman's president and COO. Suckow also thanked Lehman employees for working "diligently" since the bank's collapse in September 2008 to reach the milestone. [NYP]