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Damn It Feels Good: The Video

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Have you picked up your copy of "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Banker?" It's the book by Amit Chatwani, who is better known as the proprietor of the Leveraged Sellout blog. A couple of weeks back we ran an excerpt of the book, which is written in the voice of an egomaniacal banker that will be familiar to LSO readers.
As DealBook's Andrew Ross Sorkin pointed out, it's like a blast from the last deal boom. There are no layoffs, no bank failures, just ballers, bottles and babes. "If you can get over the juvenile humor and some cringe-worthy moments, you can transport yourself back to pre-2007. It might make you smile at the beach this week," Sorkin wrote.
And now Chatwani has produced a video to accompany the book. It's an epic hip-hop battle between a consultant and an investment banker. After the jump, watch the suits and the khakis throw down.


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