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Dick Fuld Shot Down

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Turns out the rumblings in Charlie Gasparino's stomach were correct--the Lehman Brothers CEO has been fired.

Kidding (for now). You'd like that, though, wouldn't you, Callan, Einhorny, Jimmy E. Cayne. Anyway, no, Dick Fuld still employed at the bank. His position would've been a bit more secure, however, had he successfully struck a deal to raise nearly $5 billion from South Korean wealth funds and institutions, a money making scheme the CEO had been working on since June and which fell apart earlier this month, according to the Post. Here's hoping he has better luck trading Neuberger-Berman for poker chips, which could potentially save the firm and, more importantly, come in handy this weekend in AC.
Lehman Looked To East [NYP]


Dick Fuld Needs Your Help

Sleep where the former Lehman Brother CEO hath slept, while he was keeping a low profile post-bank collapse/plotting his comeback.

Dick Fuld: "The Bros Always Wins"

As previously mentioned, if one were inclined to relive the fall of Lehman Brothers, one could do so via the bankruptcy documents that were recently made available online. There you'll find, among other things, countless examples of what has been said so many times since September 15, 2008, which is that it's amazing how delusional the people at the very top were, vis-à-vis the firm's solvency/what people thought of it/everything. Also worth marveling at? The fact that Lehman lasted as long as it did with what appear to be barely literate troglodytes running the place. [The following dialogue is re: CITIC considering an investment in a US bank and the suggestion that it is more interested in Bear Stearns.]

Here Are Some Words That Recently Exited Dick Fuld's Mouth

"Great Wall Street bank," "27,000 risk managers," "success."

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Credit Suisse CEO Pulls A Dick Fuld

That's a road you generally don't want to go down.