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Do Recessions Help Or Hurt Your Love Life?

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Will layoffs on Wall Street help you get laid? Anecdotal evidence collected from conversations with investment bankers, brokers and traders suggest the bad economic times on Wall Street may be leading to romance for some while others are finding it tougher to date and mate. Surprisingly, it seems to matter less whether you are employed or unemployed and more whether you are a man or a woman.

Young men still employed at investment banks think the attraction is obvious--they're still collecting paychecks--albeit somewhat slimmer these days--while the pool of men those competing with them has thinned. At a popular bar near Central Park on a recent week night, the ratio of men to women seemed much more heavily skewed toward females.
"There used to be twice as many investment bankers in here on a Thursday night," a drinker named Andrew said. "We're the last one's standing."
The unemployed men seem to be having an easier time of it as well, although they seem to be dating outside of the traditional pool of women attracted to Wall Street types. "I've got so much more time to spend meeting women and dating. And now I'm meeting lots of different women in book stores and coffee shops, instead of bars," a former Bear Stearns man said. "Forget about calling you the next day. I'll spend the whole day with you."
Women on Wall Street report a very different experience. "If people are depressed...they don't get outside of their apartment," an attractive young woman at a hedge fund said. "Plus if you're not making money, you aren't taking the bitches out and ordering crystal." Her answers were typical of Wall Street women we questioned.
Studies on the effects of economic downturns on sexual activity are mixed, some suggesting upticks in evidence of sex such as childbirth during periods of high unemployment and some suggestion the opposite. Our own survey, which was conducted quickly in just a few bars, may well have been corrupted by well known phenomena such as men bragging about sexual conquests and women complaining about dating in New York City. Indeed, the results mirror those biases quite well.
So let's hear from you. How has one year of the credit crunch affected your love life?