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Dollar Dominatrix's Decor Does Not Disappoint

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On first glance, it might seem like there's really no new information in the Fortune article about Oppeinheimer analyst Meredith Whitney. We all know the Dollar Dominatrix had a pair of brass ones big enough to predict that Citigroup would have to slash its dividend because we've been talking about it since last October. Everyone's heard her warning that the "incestuous relationship between the banks and the credit-rating agencies during the real estate bubble will have a long lasting impact on banks' ability to recover." Ditto on Double D saying banks need to "get real" about how they're valuing their toxic mortgage-related debt a la Merrill Lynch, the end being nowhere in sight, and the non-news that Whitney is married to pro wrester John Layfield (purveyor of liquid viagra). One thing we-- amateur chroniclers-cum-stalkers-- of the analyst didn't know was this:

That's right, Meredith Whitney has a full on Zebra skin rug in her home (could be her office, doesn't matter, point is, girl is seriously driving home the point that she is a freak. People, don't think for a second that this was a "Oh, hey, you caught me at home, that's just my Zebra, don't mind him." This was calculated). Our question though-- and I don't think we're alone in wondering this-- why stop there? Where in the name of Vikram Pandit are the negatives of the Zebra on the floor, Meredith on the Zebra? Is that not the direction we were going with this? She's said it (to Bloomberg) herself, she loves the attention and knows that "an analyst in this day and age must go balls to the wall in order to be heard." We're not saying she has to get naked in order for people to listen but we are saying that others are on to the game and somewhere in Florida, cameras are rolling on a completely naked Dick Bove, spread out on a bear skin rug. Your move, MW.