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Drilling Down Into The CFA Results of DealBreaker Readers

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We've heard from lots and lots of DealBreaker readers who passed the CFA level II and level III exams, and a few who didn't pass. (This time! Buck up, kids! You'll nail it next time!) From what we can tell, reading DealBreaker seems to be positively correlated with passing. Readers seem to have passed in far higher percentages than the overall test taking group.
But we want to know a bit more about how you did on the exams. A few of you have already let us in on your scores. "My worst score was portfolio management," one portfolio manager told us.
The test covers various categories, which we list after the jump, and test takers are told whether they scored in the fifty percentile, between the fifty-first and seventieth percentile and above the seventieth. So in the comments section below, let us know how you scored and what your job is. Is everyone's CFA score negatively correlated with their professional responsibilities?

- Alternative Investments
- Corporate Finance
- Derivatives
- Economics
- Equity Investments
- Ethical & Professional Standards
- Financial Statement Analysis
- Fixed Income Investments
- Portfolio Management
- Quantitative Methods


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