Fortress Makes Sure Someone's Doing Better Than Cheeseball Rockstars


How's your PnL looking so far this year? Happy your long dollar position is starting to look good? Or are you annoying your b-school alumni affairs office asking them to post more jobs for experienced grads (Hey, Columbia, are you reading this? Get to work!).
Either way, if you have time to read this, I'll bet you're not doing as well as Adam Levinson. No, not that jerk from Maroon 5 -- that's Adam Levine.
Adam Levinson is doing WAY better than Adam Levine. For one, no one's calling him a no-talent bastard to his face. For another, Fortress Investment Group just gave him $300 million in shares. But that's not the first time he made more money than you or that weasel Adam Levine.
According to Jeffrey Cane of (who wrote a piece linking to a lot of other pieces I didn't read; As a former derivatives trader, I like to think of this as derivative journalism):

"Levinson, whose annual income Trader Monthly estimated a year ago was between $75 million and $100 million, joined Fortress in 2002 from Goldman Sachs. "

Then Cane asks the question we all ask ourselves when we read such things, if only to make ourselves feel better:

"The package shows that even amid a slowdown, firms are still paying out huge sums to star traders and dealmakers. Are they worth it?"

If you're not Adam Levinson, the answer to that question is usually, "Hell no! Give that money to me!". However, if you're Adam Levinson, the answer is inevitably, "Hell yes! I should be paid more!"
Apparently, a Citigroup analyst disagrees with Fortress and Levinson and Cane provides a nifty quote. However, at the rate things are going, Levinson can buy out Citigroup, fire the analyst, and delete Adam Levine's bank account so we don't have to read about his dating exploits ever again.
Apropos of nothing, I always think of this site when i think of Adam Levine.



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