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In Fairness, It Does Mock 'Sex And The City,' A Redeeming Factor Not To Be Discounted

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There's an old saying in the alternative-asset management game--when your business is down, the best way to get up is to finance a movie that makes Norbit look good. And if it makes Ed, the film starring Matthew LeBlanc and a monkey, look good? All the better. John Devaney and the team at United Capital Markets knew this, which is why they invested a bunch of money in "Poseidon" before, you know. Same deal for RenTec and "Dough Boys," L-Train and "I Know Who Killed Me." Obviously the brain trust at Fortress, which reported a $55 million loss today, is aware of this strategy, as well. Here's the trailer for Disaster Movie, which, in addition to a few other Oscar contenders, FIG has committed more $300 million to finance.

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