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JP Morgan Headed To Canary Wharf

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Here in New York we've grown pretty accustomed to the idea that Wall Street is more of a metaphysical concept than a geographic one. Many of the so-called Wall Street firms long ago decamped for midtown locations (and, now, many have plans to head back to the area still quaintly known as the "Financial District").
But over in the City of London they're a bit more uptight about their reputation as an important financial district. So the news that JP Morgan is defected from the City to Canary Wharf is being treated as "a major blow." The move may have been influenced by the fact that JP Morgan picked up a 300,000 square foot space in Canary Wharf when it acquired Bear Stearns.

JPMorgan Cazenove deals City of London major blow with Canary Wharf defection