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Lack Of Attention To Detail At Bear Stearns Or Was Barbara Walters Really Just That Big A Ho?

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So much to parse from this week's Fortune story about the rise and cataclysmic fall of former Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne but since we've already been briefed on the prostate situation, I thought we should start with this, the continuing narrative of Barbara Walters fucking (and, apparently, fucking over) eighty percent of Wall Street's living dinosaurs:

One day Greenberg told Cayne a story about his personal life that Cayne never forgot. At that time Greenberg was between marriages and had been dating regularly, but was growing increasingly concerned about the risk of contracting AIDS. "He decides he's going to get married," Cayne says. "And he's one of the guys that's dating Barbara Walters.... He says to me, 'I've decided I'm going to marry Barbara Walters.' The very next day in the papers she's engaged to Merv Adelson. I never said a word. Now normally - you know, if it was one of my buddies - I'd say, you know, 'Pretty good call there, pal. You're marrying her, except that she's marrying somebody else.... That's called bigamy.'"

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